Atlus Player Survey Asks A Lot About Catherine, Dragon’s Crown, And Persona Ports And Sequels


Atlus has released a new Atlus Player Survey, and it asks a lot of questions about ports and sequels. The rather lengthy questionnaire goes over some of the company’s most notable IPs, like Catherine, Dragon’s Crown, Etrian Odyssey, Persona, and Shin Megami Tensei.For each one, there is a portion asking if people want to see remasters or rereleases, ports to the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, or PC, and sequels. People who complete it have a chance to win gift cards.

A lot of the questions in this Atlus Player Survey are rather typical. It asks which platforms people own and play on, if they intend to buy any systems soon, and how many games they tend to buy each year. It then gets more focused on specific Atlus series, asking which entry was the first one someone played and how they heard about it. It is after these questions that the questionnaire becomes more focused.

Every major series has a variation of the question, “What do you want to see from [series name] in the future? Check all that apply. In the case of Catherine, remake/remaster, sequel/next installment, Xbox One port, and Nintendo Switch port are all options. The Dragon’s Crown question adds PC port as an option. For something like Etrian Odyssey, it doesn’t have the port possibilities, but does still allow people to check boxes noting they would like a remake/remaster or sequel/next installment. In the case of the Persona series question, DLC, merchandise, remake/remaster, sequel/next installment, Xbox One port, Nintendo Switch port, PC port, and other are all options.

As for the contest portion, people who are eligible and complete the survey by March 7, 2019 will have a chance to win gift certificates. 12 people total will win, with one person getting a $500 ATLUS Store, Nintendo eShop, PSN Store, or Xbox/Microsoft Store card, two getting $250 gift certificates, and ten getting $100 ones.

Atlus’ most recent release was Etrian Odyssey Nexus for the Nintendo 3DS. Persona Q2 will come to the Nintendo 3DS outside Japan on June 4, 2019.

Jenni Lada
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