Atlus Shows New DLC and Returning Demons in SMT V: Vengeance
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Atlus Shows New & Returning Demons in SMT V: Vengeance

Atlus showed off five new demons that will appear in the upcoming SMT V: Vengeance. These include four returning demons from previous Atlus titles, as well as the second DLC demon Konohanasakuya.

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Konohanasakuya (also known as Konohana Sakuya) is a demon belonging to the Kunitsu race. She is the sister of Iwanaga-hime and daughter to Ouyamatsumi. Her symbol is the cherry blossom and she is considered one of the most beautiful deities in Shinto myth. You can check out the new Konohanasakuya DLC demon in SMT V: Vengeance here:

Gremlin is a demon from the Jaki race, or “evil spirit.” They are mischievous creatures that like to play with machines to the point of causing malfunctions in them. Gremlins can be helpful, and it is said that they helped Benjamin Franklin with his kite experiment. Kinmamon of the Enigma race is a supreme deity of modern Ryukyu Shinto. It is said Kinmamon comes from Nirai Kanai, the land of the gods, and has been protecting the Ryukyu Kingdom since the beginning of the world.

Moh Shuvuu is a Raptor race demon. She originates from the folklore of Mongolian Buryat people. She adopts the appearance of a beautiful girl and seduces travelers, only to break their skulls with their beak and suck out their brains when they lower their guards. Saturnus belongs to the Vile race of demons in SMT V: Vengeance. Saturnus is a fertility deity in Roman mythology. People used to pray to Saturn during winter to call for a new spring, and this practice eventually syncretized and became what we now know as Christmas.

Atlus previously showcased the new Nahobiho demon inspired by the protagonist of SMT V and Jack Frost, as well as Dagda, one of the two new DLC demons in SMT V: Vengeance.

Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance will come to the Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC via Steam on June 14, 2024.

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