Next year, Atlus are publishing three old-age-themed games: Trine 2, Rock of Ages and now The Cursed Crusade. In development for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC by Kylotonn Entertainment, this one is planned for a Summer 2011 release.


Wondering what kind of game it is? Here’s a bullet-list of features from Kylotonn’s website, quoted word-for-word:


• Live intense combat sequences in third person view, in the heart of Crusaders’ army.

• Get more than 130 weapons of all kinds: axes, blades, crossbows …

• Experience the Templar’s Curse through the nightmarish Hell Vision!

• Provide your character with new armors and equipment, and upgrade his skills mission after mission!

• Give orders to Esteban Noviembre in the single player mode, or team up with another player in a cooperative mode to accomplish your mission!

• Travel through 40 distinct environments: from 12th Century Europe to the Byzantine Empire, from France to Syria, via Venice in Italy and Zara in Croatia!

• The most famous monuments and places re-created in 3D exact copies, from Hagia Sophia to Theodosius Walls, and the Constantine racecourse!


Atlus have their own site up for the game, too, which you can check out here for some screenshots and wallpapers.


Update: Have some concept art and screenshots care of Atlus USA.


Concept art

thecursedcrusade_conceptart_04thecursedcrusade_conceptart_03 thecursedcrusade_conceptart_01 thecursedcrusade_conceptart_02



thecursedcrusade_screenshot_03 thecursedcrusade_screenshot_04 thecursedcrusade_screenshot_05 thecursedcrusade_screenshot_06 thecursedcrusade_screenshot_01 thecursedcrusade_screenshot_02


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