Attack Of The Abductors, The Mechanical Beast Enemies In Freedom Wars

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In Freedom Wars, one of your main enemies will be giant mechanical beasts, called Abductors, that kidnap citizens of your Panapticon. While we’ve seen a few of them thus far, we haven’t seen them all. Their latest trailer shows us exactly how they’ll be threatening the people of the city-state.


The trailer starts out with a guy shouting “what the heck do they mean a divine punishment?” followed by other prisoners helping out in the evacuation while being raided by what looks like mechanical Rathalos and Rathian-like Abductors terrorizing the Panapticon and its citizens.


At the end of the trailer, this message is seen on the screen, "Divine Punishment: The harvest of arrogance that spreads across the lands."


Going by that, it looks like someone wasn’t exactly too happy with the people who were being attacked. They also mention that a “divine punishment” notification will be revealed on April 17.


Freedom Wars will be released on June 26, 2014 for PlayStation Vita.

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