Attack On Kitten Arms Players With Weaponized Felines

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Sidescrolling action adventure game Attack on Kitten will have players hoarding cats, as each one can shapeshift into powerful weapons or useful magical enhancements in the game’s silly world.


Kat is a Cat Knight, one aiming to save the Cat Kingdom from a nasty goldfish. To do this, she will call on the power of cats to loan her the ability to scratch, slash, or shoot, equipping their various abilities as she finds the fuzzy creatures out in the world. Each of Kat’s powers are borne of a shapeshifting cat, allowing players to amass an army of fluffy allies as they bolster their abilities.

The world of Attack on Kitten is interwoven, allowing players to find shortcuts and new routes through the land (as well as some hidden kittens in secret places). Using the items they find, players will be able to fight back against the game’s silly bosses and foes.


Attack on Kitten is listed as ‘Coming Soon’ on its Steam Page.

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