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Attack on Titan Eren and Levi Cosplay Outfits Open For Pre-Order

Cosume has opened up pre-orders for cosplay outfits for the Survey Corps from Attack on Titan. The collection includes Eren Yeager’s outfit (complete with the shirt underneath) and Levi Ackerman’s attire (with the cravat and dress shirt). [Thanks, PR Times!]

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The costumes will come out in late November 2024. Each one costs 26,400 JPY ($167.85), and they come with almost everything you need in terms of the outfit. If you want to accurately cosplay as Eren or Levi from Attack on Titan, you’ll need to purchase wigs and boots separately.

The official sources for the series have supervised the design process. The wings of freedom that symbolize the Survey Corps look a little scuffed. This is to represent the hard work that people of the Survey Corps do when they go outside the walls. Eren’s shirt is made of comfortable material that doesn’t wrinkle easily. Meanwhile, the scarf for Levi’s outfit is detachable. So even if you’re not sure how to tie it up, you can wear it.

Attack on Titan was a popular anime and manga series that started serialization in 2009. The anime for it came out in 2013. It is one of the best-selling manga series of all time, as well as won multiple awards such as the Kodansha Manga Award and the Harvey Award. It focuses on a timeline in which the final humans in the world live inside walled cities to avoid the threat of the giant people-eating Titans outside. After losing his mother to one, Eren vows to become a member of the Survey Corps, who go outside of the walls to investigate the Titans and thus provide the most opportunities to kill them.

The Attack on Titan cosplay outfits will come out in late November 2024.

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