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Attack on Titan Meets Sackboy In These Custom Little Big Planet 3 Stages


Some Little Big Planet 3 users are using the game’s Level Creator to recreate famous scenes and scenarios from Attack on Titan. The levels cleverly combine the use of several items – jet packs, grappling hooks, and long swords among others – to emulate moving about the terrain using the show’s iconic Three-Dimensional Maneuvering Gear.



One Mod, by YouTube user LittleBigPlanet Show, allows the player to choose from one of 8 different members of the show’s Survey Corps. The scenario is based on a recent story arc where Titans are launching an assault on the Shiganshina district. The player must use their jet pack and trapeze to launch themselves toward the wobbly titans’ necks, where they can deliver a fatal blow.



Another mod has the layer “ride” an Eren Yaeger titan as though it were a vehicle. Different body parts are moved using a variety of buttons: Square will move Eren’s right arm, while Triangle will move his left. He can also roar using the R1 button, or eject using the Circle button to fight titans in person. Most of the titans here are smaller than Eren, so grappling doesn’t play as big a part.