Attack on Titan Popularity Poll Will Include Scale Panel

Attack on Titan popularity poll

Weekly Shonen Magazine will reportedly open up a popularity poll for Attack on Titan soon. This poll will focus specifically on characters from the 104th Trainee Corps. Additionally, Weekly Shonen Magazine will offer a reader a life-sized acrylic panel of the character who becomes first in the poll. [Thanks, ryokutya2089!]

There is no confirmed date as to when the Attack on Titan popularity poll will run, nor how long it will run. The leak simply states that the poll will appear in Magazine soon. The information also does not include how Weekly Shonen Magazine will choose the winner of the scale acrylic panel. However, taking into consideration the size that the panel will be, international fans will likely not be able to obtain this prize.

As mentioned earlier, this poll focuses only on members of the 104th Trainee Corps. This is the class that the main characters graduated with. This does mean that popular characters such as Levi or Hange will not appear as options. During the fourth popularity poll, which ran in September 2021, the main Shiganshina trio were in the top 10 but not in the top 3. The top 3 most popular characters at the time of the fourth popularity poll were Levi, Erwin, and Hange.

The Attack on Titan popularity poll will run in Weekly Shonen Magazine soon. Meanwhile, Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 will debut on January 9, 2022 on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

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