Attack on Titan’s Mikasa And Levi Join Valkyrie Anatomia In Latest Collaboration Event



Square Enix’s smartphone RPG Valkyrie Anatomia is all about the collaborations with other series and franchises. The latest is with the Attack on Titan anime featuring Mikasa Ackerman (Yui Ishikawa) and Levi (CV: Hiroshi Kamiya).


Here’s a look at a new trailer for the collaboration event:

The event is currently live. New players will also get Levi for free as a day 2 login bonus.


Mikasa Ackerman (Yui Ishikawa)



Levi (CV: Hiroshi Kamiya)



Valkyrie Anatomia is available in Japan for iOS and Android. Last month the game had a collaboration event with Slayers featuring Lina Inverse and Naga.

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