Attack on Titan 2 Footage Shows Off Character Creation Details And Titan-Slaying Action

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Koei Tecmo had plenty to show for Attack on Titan 2 during a recent live stream, where we got a first look at some of its features such as the character creation system for your own original protagonist.


The previous game showed season 1 of Attack on Titan through the perspective of various characters, but this time you’ll get to experience the story of season 1 and season 2 through the eyes of your own original protagonist.


The very start of the game starts at the 20:01 mark of the video, where it starts out with a brief introduction. Producer Hisashi Koinuma explains that the reason why they decided to go with an original protagonist is so that they can interact with some of their favorite characters while being a part of the whole experience by their side as a member of the Survey Corps who fights alongside the likes of Mikasa and Eren.


We get a first look at the game’s character creation part at the 25:39 mark of the video. It starts with gender followed by the body type that lets you choose the avatar’s height, arms, legs, and more. Female characters will also have a bust slider.


There’s a lot of options for the facial features. Not only various types of hair, eyes, nose, mouth, and so on, but it also lets you make further adjustments such as width and placement of all the parts. Players will also get to customize various clothing items, even the Survey Corps jacket colors.


Following the character creation part, we get to check out more of the game’s action as part of a training session in the opening stage.


Attack on Titan 2 releases in March 2018 in North America, Europe, and Japan for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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