In Attack on Titan 2’s Predator Mode, Eating Nobles Gives More Points

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Thanks to a playtest of the new Predator Mode update to Attack on Titan 2 that will become live starting tomorrow in Japan, we now know the general flow of gameplay in the 4-player human-eating contest. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


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In the new mode, players rack up points by eating humans, and destroying buildings in each five-minute match. There are around 250 Titans to play as from the main game, and each of them have various stats to them, such as speed and stamina. In general, the smaller Titans move quicker, while larger Titans have more stamina.


predator mode 4

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There are two types of humans – citizens and nobles. Nobles are shown on the map by a green distress signal, and are good for catching up if you are behind as they give more points.


Smashing buildings don’t need any particular inputs to occur, as the Titans are gigantic and destroy buildings just by walking into them. Dashing causes buildings to fall faster. While destroying buildings gives less points, it also fills up the Rage Gauge for the Rage Attack.


predator mode 7


The versus element in the game comes from the fact that the player Titans can attack each other. By defeating another player, the defeated player loses half their points.


Furthermore, a Levi counter will start counting down on the leading player after some time passes from the start of the game, and when it reaches zero, the player with the icon will immediately be killed by Levi. However, by hitting other player Titans, the counter can be passed on to them instead, like a game of hot potato.


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The Levi counter actually doesn’t reset upon handing it to another player, so a devious tactic could be to sneak up on another player busy collecting points when the counter is at 5 or less, then tag them and run.


Apart from Levi, special titans like Eren’s Titan, the Female Titan, and Armored Titan will appear and attack players randomly. Player Titans can be defeated by these special enemies in one hit, so the only option is to run. The special enemy Titans and Levi will disappear after defeating one of the players.


predator mode 12

predator mode 13


Players also have access to various Rage Attacks, which may slow down opponents, scramble their controls, give you super armor, or other effects depending on the Titan they chose.


predator mode 14 predator mode 15

predator mode 16


At the end, the points are tallied up, and the person with the most points win. Predator Mode will be playable online, and also offline for the Nintendo Switch version.


Attack on Titan 2 is available in Japan on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch, and PC, and is available in North America and Europe on March 20 for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Previously, we interviewed Koei Tecmo about the game, as well as the Fatal Frame series.

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