Attack On Titan Smartphone Game Plays Like Clash Of Clans



Attack on Titan shot to fame last year with its anime adaptation, and if you’ve been wondering what it’s like to play on the other side of the fence as a mighty Titan against pitiful humanity, look no further.


DeNA are publishing a new smartphone game called Attack on Titan: Roar to Freedom. Within the game is new original character, Fereta. Clash of Clans-style, players can build up their own Titan army and then invade other players’ cities in the hopes of razing it for loot.


Available Titans include the Female Titan, Armored Titan and more. You’ll also be able to have Mikasa, Eren and Levi as supporting characters.






Attack on Titan: Roar to Freedom will be out in winter, says the video, which means it’ll come out pretty soon for Android and iOS.