This Attack On Titan Tribute Game Is Really Coming Together



Doujin developer Feng Lee has been working on his Attack on Titan tribute game for a couple of years now, and it’s really starting to take shape.


Feng Lee first blipped on my radar with his tribute to Devil May Cry and Bayonetta, Pixel May Cry, which was actually a finalist in the IGF China 2011. He’s since been working on this Attack on Titan game, which I first found out about last year, but haven’t checked up on since.


Well, I was in for quite the pleasant surprise when remembering the game and playing its free browser-based build today. It has come quite far in just one year – it even has multiplayer functionality now.  Most handy, though, is the full-fledged tutorial that will introduce the basic hook grappling mechanics before throwing you into a ring with a single titan.


It’s a game about being versatile. You need to use your superior agility to hook onto and swing around pillars and trees, avoiding the titans that pursue you, and then whipping back around to chop them in the face with your blades.


There are several different modes of play available, including simple territory capture one in which you go up against other players who are titans, another that focuses on speedrunning through obstacles courses, and an epic battle against the enormous Abnormal Titan.


If you’re a fan of the manga or you aren’t, this is an Attack on Titan game worth checking out just for the acrobatic combat. You can play it for free right here.

Chris Priestman