Augmented Reality RPG Life Odyssey Mixes Pokemon Go & Final Fantasy



Life Odyssey is an augmented reality RPG, letting players find crafting items and loot by walking around town, discover monsters lurking on their streets, and gain power with every step taken.




As a lone adventurer, players will awaken to find themselves with a young dragon companion. This new friend will help guide the player through a hostile world, assisting them in turn-based combat as they explore this new realm. Players are free to choose from several different classes, using clerics, barbarians, paladins, and warriors to battle the world’s monstrosities.


Each class (which are available to male or female characters) has a selection of abilities, each with an AP cost. Players gain AP each round, and can choose to store it to access more powerful abilities over time. The game does offer attacks that cost no AP, though, so players won’t have to waste rounds doing nothing as they wait to use a special attack.




Life Odyssey mixes Pokemon Go and Final Fantasy, drawing players into a fantasy RPG world that is affected by their movements through their own lives. Fighting monsters is done through discovering the beasts in the real world. Collecting crafting materials for new weapons and armor can be accomplished by going to local locations. The player’s every step also charges up energies and gemstones that will grant them access to dungeons, new locations, and varied powers.


Life Odyssey also features a deep, player-driven story. Players will meet NPCs as they explore, and will have to choose certain dialogue options with them. These can make the players seem more kindhearted, intimidating, stoic, or other personality types, and these will have affects on the storyline’s outcome, as well as future interactions.


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Life Odyssey is nearing the release of its closed Beta, and interested players can sign up on the game’s site for a chance to be able to play the game soon.

Alistair Wong
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