Avoid Being Crushed By Fists In This Platforming Game Show


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Fist’s Elimination Tower is a game show about hopping on enemy heads, crushing robots for cash prizes. The trouble is, there are giant fists waiting on all sides, ready to crush the player and end their run at any moment.




Fist’s Elimination Tower will give the player a procedurally-generated contestant (or they can make their own) to make their fortune with before casting them out into the game’s lethal arenas. There, the player must hop around on enemy heads, killing all foes to get out of the round. They may need to collect coins or manipulate some trap or device to do so, keeping the player on their toes.


The game’s fists will also keep players wary. Fist’s Elimination Tower has crushing fists all over each of its stages, each with different timing or positioning. These can easily mash an unwary player, forcing them to leap with odd timing or make use of double jumps to get out of harm’s way. Players will need to watch out for these across the game’s two hundred stages.




Should players survive for a while through the game’s gauntlets, they’ll gain cash that can be used to unlock more accessories for their characters, as well as skins that change the look of the game’s world.


Fist’s Elimination Tower is set to release this Spring, and is currently raising votes on Steam Greenlight.

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