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Awakened Fate Ultimatum’s Hero Isn’t Psyched About Being A God



NIS America recently announced that The Guided Fate Cross Thesis Awakening, or what is now known as Awakened Fate Ultimatum is headed to North America and Europe in Spring 2015. NIS also showed off a new trailer for the game.


To catch you up on the story of Awakened Fate Ultimatum, it’s about the protagonist Shin Kamikaze, a gentle and passive young man, who gets killed in an unexpected way, only to wake up and being told that he is now a god.


Since he’s a new god, Shin doesn’t exactly have full control of his powers, but he gets help from two close angels, Jupiel and Arle, to help him out. However, the premise of the game is also about making tough choices… like deciding which one of those two girls get to live.


The trailer gives us a look at the blonde-haired Jupiel and Arle the red-head, along with Shin, who seems to be pretty baffled at the fact that he already left his life behind, and doesn’t seem too thrilled about the prospect of being a new god.


Awakened Fate Ultimatum will be released in Spring 2015 in North America and Europe for PlayStation 3.

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