Award-Winning Space Flight Sim Kerbal Space Program Launches 1.0 Version



After over four years of development, the award-winning space flight simulator Kerbal Space Program has now had its 1.0 version released. You can buy it at its full price of $39.99 on its website and Steam (or, if you’re quick, at its discounted price of $29.99).


Kerbal Space Program challenges you to master all of the maths and physics that goes into launching a rocket into orbit. You help a cute species called Kerbals launch their own space program, overseeing the whole production, from constructing a spacecraft to flying it around space.


It has three game modes: Sandbox, in which you can do as you wish (murdering Kerbals as much as you like); Science Mode involves completing experiments to further Kerbalkind’s knowledge; and Career Mode involves taking on contracts to earn funds, maintaining space center facilities, managing the crew, and doing everything else involved in the world of rocket science.



If you eventually get into space, combating the physics systems that work against your efforts, you can fly the Kerbals to new planets and moons, even capturing asteroids (a feature that was developed with the help of NASA), and you can even construct space stations while you’re out there.

Chris Priestman
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