Ayo The Clown Uses Platforming Powers And Vehicles To Find His Missing Dog



When his dog Bo goes missing in the night, Ayo takes off after him, putting various items, cute skills, and adorable vehicles to use along the way in 2.5D platformer Ayo the Clown.




Ayo the Clown’s platforming draws inspiration from Donkey Kong Country, bringing with it a variety of different worlds and lighthearted enemies to jump on. The game also features some puzzle elements to keep the platforming fresh, as well as vehicles Ayo can pilot like a tiny tank.




Many various skill upgrades and items are hidden throughout Ayo the Clown’s thirty levels, letting players improve their health or Ayo’s various platforming tools, such as his handy balloon. Pieces of a comic book are also scattered across each stage will also better explain why his dog went missing.




Ayo the Clown is projected to release sometime this year.

Alistair Wong
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