Aztez Offers Bloody Black & White Battles Built Around The Aztec Empire


Aztez is a mixture of strategy game and blood-soaked brawler that draws from Aztec history, having players deploy their Aztez warriors throughout their empire in order to slow the approach of a powerful threat, but also controlling each warrior directly in beat ‘em up combat.


Players will be given a grid that represents the Aztec empire and the threats that are moving throughout it. Using this grid, players will be able to choose where to send assistance, with their victories and decisions carrying consequences for the empire’s survival. Events will change in this campaign every time, so players will have to pay attention to different threats and opportunities each time.

Once players have sent out their warriors, they will have to fight incoming threats in live combat. Here, they will use an array of equipable weapons in fluid combat against their monochrome enemies, all while building up combos, drawing empowering blood from sacrificed enemies, and even calling upon the power of Incan gods to deal devastating damage to their foes.


Aztez utilizes an art style that draws from Aztec history, and also features a story that draws from real history from the period. Players may find that while some of their foes are monstrous or supernatural, that there are also historical enemies that pose a far greater threat: the Spanish, who the players must overcome to complete the game.

Players can explore this vision of the Aztec Empire by getting Aztez from Steam now.

Alistair Wong
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