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Azumi-no-Isora is a New SSR Alter Ego in Fate/Grand Order

A new event, Dancing Dragon Castle: The Twin Jewels and the Deep Sea Princess, is available for a limited time on the Japanese server of Fate/Grand Order. Players will have until July 19, 2024 to pull for the new Alter Ego Servant Azumi-no-Isora (Hibiki & Chikagi).

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During the Azumi-no-Isora banner in Fate/Grand Order, players also have the opportunity to pull for Summer Kiyohime again. As opposed to her Berserker form, Summer Kiyohime is an SR Servant who is a Lancer. As she was always in the gacha, Summer Kiyohime did not become available when Lasengle gave players the chance to buy past summer welfare Servants. For fans of the original Kiyohime, you can get a Spiritron Dress for her that makes her look like an undersea princess. The name of the outfit is literally Otohime Kiyohime, referencing the princess of Ryugu-jo. The only way to get this outfit is through event items.

You can check out the Noble Phantasms of both Azumi-no-Isora and Otohime Kiyohime here:

As for the new SSR Alter Ego Servant, Azumi-no-Isora, they’re based on the Shinto kami of the same name. In Japanese mythology, Azumi-no-Isora was the god of the seashore and was the one to present Empress Jingu with a pearl from Ryugu-jo. Nowadays, Empress Jingu is a rather controversial ruler, as she led the Japanese to invade the “promised land,” which is the Korean Peninsula today.

Fate/Grand Order is readily available on mobile devices. Azumi-no-Isora and Dancing Dragon Castle: The Twin Jewels and the Deep Sea Princess are only available on the Japanese server of Fate/Grand Order.

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