Azur Lane: Crosswave Details Story Mode, Scouting Characters, Episode Mode, And More

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Compile Heart has updated the official site of Azur Lane: Crosswave with more info on the game, including new revealed characters, the various modes in the game, and more.


Check out the new info below:

New character screenshots:

Hood (CV: Atsuko Tanaka)


Yamashiro (CV: Ami Koshimizu)


Yukikaze (CV: Kana Yuuki)


Unicorn (CV: Ai Kakuma)


Long Island (CV: Sachiyo Yoshida)


Story Mode

In Azur Lane: Crosswave, you can play through a Story Mode that consists of a Prologue + 7 chapters of fully voiced story plus battles. Collecting allies and new equipment will be important, doubly so if you’re playing on hard mode. 

For multiple playthroughs, you’ll be able to re-challenge stages you’ve already beaten for no cost at all. You can use this to grind EXP and A-Points if needed. You’ll also be able to skip previously viewed dialogue.


Sub Events

Sub Events can occur around the island, and involve characters apart from main characters Shimakaze and Suruga. You’ll be able to find out some stories that take place behind various shipgirls behind the scenes during the Joint Military Exercise.

(Event types are distinguished by color.)


Recruiting others with A-Points

A-Points are points that are earned by winning battles. You can choose to instantly recruit whoever is available, or gun for your favorites. Every shipgirl will be recruitable using A-Points except for Neptune.

The Secretary Ships, no matter if they are playable or support-only, are fully voiced, and will assist players in battle with skills.



Two familiar faces run the shops in Azur Lane: Crosswave, running the Branch Store and Laboratory respectively.  You’ll be able to buy equipment with funds, as well as construct things based on blueprints, exchange rewards, and more.



You can check on the status of every shipgirl in your fleet.



You can check out the entire list of items and check your collection percentage, as well as how many you own.


Gallery & System

You can review previously viewed events and your records in Gallery, and change control settings and camera settings and more under System.


Extreme Battle Mode

In Extreme Battle Mode, there are more than 100 stages available, with some unlocking after fulfilling certain conditions. It’s a mode for those wishing to challenge themselves with battles.

The fleet names give clues on the mass-produced ships the enemy bosses will bring along as well as their elemental types, so prepare accordingly.


Photo Mode

Additional screenshots of Photo Mode were released, as well as a tease of a certain character also appearing in Photo Mode:


Episode Mode

More than 150 smaller Sub-stories exist in Episode Mode, with the only pre-requisite being that all the involved characters have joined your fleet. The sub-stories range from everyday scenarios to those related to the Joint Military Exercise in Story Mode.


A Certain Other Mode

A certain other mode from the main Azur Lane is also present in Azur Lane: Crosswave, boasting new voicework and overall production.


Other Screenshots:


Azur Lane: Crosswave releases for PlayStation 4 in Japan on August 29, 2019. It’ll release in North America and Europe in 2020. Check out some off-screen demo gameplay here.

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