Azur Lane: Crosswave Shows How Its Story Mode Plays, Details Other Modes

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Compile Heart released the latest screenshots and details for Azur Lane: Crosswave, with info on how the game’s Story Mode plays as well as some of its other modes like Extreme Battle Mode, Photo Mode, and more.



The above is a look at the main menu. Here you can select any of your favorite characters as your “Secretary Ship.” There’s also a little something extra with the Secretary Ship after meeting certain conditions.


Story Mode tells an original story through the perspective of Shimakaze and Suruga. By accumulating A Points, you can scout allies so you can play as other characters in Story Mode. By using the Storage, Dock, and Shop you’ll be on your way to creating the ultimate fleet. There’s also a Gallery mode to preview parts of the story and System mode with options including difficulty.


Here’s a look at how the Story Mode flows:



The game starts you out with a map that is different for each chapter. You can check out events and find items on the map.



The events are fully-voiced, and you can check out previews in the aforementioned Gallery mode.



Combat consists of intense 3vs3 battles. Support characters can back you up with skills, and there are also some large small-fry characters to intensify the battles.



After battle you’ll get various items as rewards. This is how you’ll get what you need to power up characters bits at a time.


Below are details on some of the other modes:



Once you get enough characters and equipment, the Extreme Battle Mode will be available as a challenge. In this mode you’ll face top-class enemies for a chance to get extra valuable drops.



Photo Mode allows you to take photos of 3D characters. Free Stage doesn’t have any enemies to get in the way, so you’ll get to have up to three characters and pose them for screenshots.



Lastly, we have Episode Mode where you’ll watch secret events that unlock after meeting certain conditions. These events are also fully-voiced, and you’ll get to learn more about the 66 characters set to appear in the game.


Azur Lane: Crosswave releases for PlayStation 4 in Japan on August 29, 2019. Learn more about the basics of its naval battle gameplay in our previous report. You can also check here for more on its story, and here for the latest screenshots.

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