Azur Lane: Crosswave Trailer Explains How To Play The Naval Battle Action Shooter

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Compile Heart shared a new trailer for  Azur Lane: Crosswave featuring Ayanami who explains the basics of the naval battle action shooter, starting with how you’ll shoot enemies and dodge attacks.


As Ayanami explains in the video, you aren’t limited to ammunition, so you can shoot and shoot some more. There’s a bit of aim assist so you won’t have to worry too much about shooting down enemies that are difficult to hit. Enemies will do their best to attack your character, but you can simply dodge with some slick movements.


Just as she was about to get into the “cool looking attacks that you can use after meeting requirements,” the video decided to leave that out for the next time.


As far as controls go, you use the D-pad’s left and right to change characters,  up and down to zoom in and out. The left thumbstick moves the character while the right thumbstick controls the camera.


The R1 button is shot 1 and R2 is shot 2, both shots vary based on the shipgirl you use. The circle button is used to lock-on targets, the X button is used for a special evasive maneuver, and the triangle button is used to switch through the lock-on area. The square button is used to perform character-exclusive skills.


Azur Lane: Crosswave releases for PlayStation 4 in Japan on August 29, 2019. Check here for more recent information on the game’s story, and here for the latest screenshots showing Shimakaze, Suruga, Akagi, and Portland.

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