Azur Lane Gets An Anime And A Collaboration With Utawarerumono


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During Yostar’s Azur Lane 1st Anniversary event that was also livestreamed, they announced that Azur Lane is getting a collaboration with Aquaplus’ Utawarerumono series, and is also getting an anime. [Thanks, Inside Games!]


Utawarerumono collaboration

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The characters set to join Azur Lane include Kuon, Nekone, and Rulutieh. Saraana, Uruuru, and Fumiriru were also teased with their silhouettes.


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Yostar also showed off a little bit of Kuon’s look in this game. The Utawarerumono collaboration event will take place this November in the Japanese version of the game.


Anime teaser

Azur Lane is also getting an anime that is being produced by Bibury Animation Studios and the director of Grisaia: Phantom Trigger, Tensho. Series composition is being done by Jin Haganeya, who helped write Demonbane’s game scenario, and scripts from Kamen Rider Gaim.


A teaser for the anime has been revealed, which you can check out below:


Azur Lane is available for iOS and Android. Recently, a PlayStation 4 3D shooter game called Azur Lane: Crosswave was also announced, and you can check our previous report on the game here.

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