Azur Lane’s Japanese 3rd Anniversary to Be Celebrated With Shinano Event

Azur Lane Shinano event

The Japanese 3rd anniversary of Azur Lane will be celebrated with a new event starring the aircraft carrier IJN Shinano, among others. This announcement was made in the first part of the 25 hour-long live stream held in Japan through YouTube.

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The new event, titled Dreamwaker’s Butterfly in English, will be held worldwide from September 17 to October 1, 2020. It will add the following new shipgirls into the roster:

  1. IJN Chiyoda (Light Carrier – Elite, obtained from construction)
  2. IJN Chitose (Light Carrier – Elite, obtained from construction)
  3. IJN Kumano (Heavy Cruiser – Elite, obtained from point collection rewards)
  4. IJN Kashino (Transport Ship – Elite, obtained from construction)
  5. IJN Suzutsuki (Destroyer – Super Rare, obtained from construction)
  6. IJN Kii (Battleship – Super Rare, obtained from construction and point trading)
  7. IJN Shinano (Aircraft Carrier – Ultra Rare, obtained from construction)

IJN Shinano is the first-ever regular Ultra Rare shipgirl that does not come from the Shipyard or retrofits. She will have a 1.2% drop rate, but Commanders will be able to definitely get her for every 200 pulls up to four times. She can reach level 120 without limit-breaks, although she can still gain more advantages by merging the same ship or the also-newly added Special Bulin Mk-III.

The addition of IJN Kashino also introduces a new Transport Ship class that can be placed on the Vanguard Fleet while equipping special Transport Supplies to provide various buffs to the whole fleet.

Just like prior major events, Commanders will be able to obtain a new chat frame by completing missions for limit-breaking the aforementioned new shipgirls and defeating certain area bosses with IJN Takao, Yukikaze, Jintsuu, and USS Laffey.

Azur Lane Japanese 3rd anniversary

Numerous character skins will also be available for purchase soon. Swimsuit skins will come earlier on September 17, featuring Live2D skins for HMS Hermione, FFNF Surcouf, and IJN Kashino. The party-themed skins will follow later on September 24, with Live2D skins for FFNF Saint-Louis, USS Essex, IJN Ayanami, and USS Baltimore. A new oath skin for IJN Akashi is also newly revealed.

The Japanese version of Azur Lane will also receive the oath skin for KMS Z23, as well as additional skins for USS Independence, USS Indianapolis, and IJN Amagi. These were made available earlier on the global English server when it celebrated its 2nd anniversary last month in August 2020.

Manjuu, Yongshi, and Yostar are still currently working on the development, testing, and localization of new content coming to Azur Lane that have been previously teased on other region anniversary streams. According to the new roadmap shown in this stream, they are planning to finish final tests and implement the Equipment Development feature and the new Fleet Guild system, as well as the first part of Operation Siren, in December 2020.

Azur Lane is available worldwide on Android and iOS devices.

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