Azur Lane Shipgirls Enter The World Of Warships Blitz As Captains On March 26

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World of Warships Blitz, the mobile port of the PC game World of Warships, is also getting an Azur Lane collab of its own, after the regular World of Warships got a collab last year. The collaboration will add several shipgirls who can be used as warship captains, as well as a special ship skin themed after Graf Spee. [Thanks, Game Watch!]


The following characters will be added

  • Prinz Eugen (Tier VIII)
  • Graf Zeppelin (Tier VII)
  • Admiral Graf Spree (Tier VI)
  • Scharnhorst (Tier VII)
  • Indianapolis (Tier VII)
  • Kaga (Tier VII)
  • Belfast (Tier VII)
  • Tirpitz (Tier VIII)


Check out some screenshots of the special skin below:

wows azur 1

wows azur 2

wows azur 3

wows azur 4


Ryan Qin from Yostar commented on the collaboration, saying that he’s very excited to see World of Warships expand onto the mobile frontier, and despite the two games having a very different approach, the passion for the history of naval warfare is shared between the two companies.


Meanwhile, Wargaming Mobile’s Nad Adjir commented that Azur Lane gave them a viewpoint of what to strive for in the future, and that he’s looking forward to continuing the collaboration with more characters apart from the ones mentioned above throughout 2019.


Azur Lane is available on iOS and Android. World of Warships Blitz is available on iOS and Android.

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