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Azure Striker Gunvolt Introduces Its Heroes And Evil-Doers



Last week, we got a first look at Mega Man developer Inti Creates and creator Keiji Inafune’s new side-scrolling action game called Azure Striker Gunvolt for Nintendo 3DS. We previously reported how the game plays, and this time we’ll be looking at the game’s story, courtesy of 4Gamer.


In the near future, wielders of a new type of psychic power, known as “Seventh,” have emerged. Initially, it was believed that these gifted individuals would bring chaos to the world; however, a powerful conglomerate, the Sumeragi Group, has brought peace and order to the world.


…and this peace from Sumeragi came from the sacrifice of the psychics, a forced detention called “Psychic Protection,” where inhumane experiments were performed for the sake of “research”.


While all the actions of the Sumeragi group were carried out in confinement, it didn’t take long for a certain organization to uncover the truth and begin their resistance against the conglomerate. This group is known as the private militia, “Feather”.


This anti-Sumeragi resistance group was made from a human rights group consisting of foreign psychics. The protagonist “Gunvolt” is also one of the psychics of Feather. The story begins when Gunvolt refuses his order to eradicate the virtual idol “Cyber Diva Morpho,” created by Sumeragi.


Here’s a look at three key characters from Azure Striker Gunvolt.



Gunvolt is the 14-year-old protagonist of the game—also known as “GV”. Gunvolt is simply a codename, and he keeps his real name to himself, so it is currently unknown. He was originally a “Seventh” psychic in the private militia Feathers, but left the group for certain reasons.


He has a calm and mature personality, but he doesn’t like anything that isn’t fair, and displays his youth and fortitude when it comes to combating the unfair. Gunvolt’s “Seventh” ability, called Azure Blue, lets him manipulate electricity at will.


Joule (Sian in Japanese version):

The 13-year-old heroine of Azure Striker Gunvolt. She is a Seventh psychic—a product of the Sumeragi Group’s experiments. Her Seventh ability, called “Cyber Diva,” uses songs, which resonates with other psychics by powering them up.


She was confined as an experiment by the Sumeragi Group, and was rescued by Gunvolt, whom she has been living with since. She has a pure and quiet personality, but she shows a different side of herself when she’s with Gunvolt.


Lumen (Morpho in Japanese version):

The Sumeragi Group produce national “virtual idols” and Lumen is one of them. She is the embodiment of Joule’s Seventh, called Cyber Diva. The idol part of Lumen is a front, as she was actually used by Sumeragi as a tool to detect the psychics.


Unlike Joule, Lumen is strong-wileld and happy-go-lucky. It is said that her personality actually reflects Joule’s true feelings.


Azure Striker Gunvolt will be released this summer on the Nintendo eShop for 3DS in Japan.

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