Azure Striker Gunvolt Shares A Look At Its Electrifying Gameplay Features

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Mega Man developers Inti Creates and series creator Keiji Inafune recently announced a new game called Azure Striker Gunvolt at the ongoing Bitsummit conference. 4Gamer gives us a closer look at the upcoming side-scrolling action game.


Keiji Inafune will be the Executive Producer and action supervisor of the game, according to the report. Meanwhile, former Capcom staffer Yoshihisa Tsuda (Mega Man X2, Mega Man Zero) will take on the role of director. Yoshitaka Hatakeyama (Mega Man 9) will be on art, with Takuya Aizu (Mighty No. 9, various Mega Man titles) as the producer. Finally, Ippo Yamada who has previously worked on various Mega Man and Mega Man Zero games will be in charge of the music.


Gunvolt’s basic attacks will be from his “Dart Leader” shots. They don’t pack much of a punch but have the ability to lock-on targets. You’ll be able to hold down the shot button for consecutive attacks.


The above is a look at how you’ll be locking on with the Dart Leader, which comes in three different stages.

Here’s a look at the concept art for Gunvolt’s main weapon.

Next, is a look at Gunvolt’s electric attack, called Raigeki-rin or Thunderbolt Ring, which sets up an electric barrier around him.



When enemies touch the ring, they’ll slowly take damage over time. If you lock-on to a target before activating the ring, it’ll launch a powerful electric attack.


You’ll also be able to launch several lightning attacks, which increases the total damage output.


It can also be used to attack multiple targets.




The Raigeki-rin can also give you a hovering ability, and it can also be used to block enemy missiles and other projectile attacks.



Similar to another familiar blue character, Gunvolt will have mid-air jumps and air-dashes. There will be other actions that you’ll unlock as you progress through the game as well.


The “Voltic Chain” is one of Gunvolt’s special attacks. Once you launch it, it’ll cover the entire area in chains, followed by a high voltage attack to all enemies on the screen.


So, now that we’ve learned a little bit about Gunvolt’s abilities, let’s take a look at some of the foes he’ll be facing.

The Explosive Rage: Daytona

Daytona’s abilities will be all about explosions. He’ll be throwing a mix of explosive attacks along with some more that involve footwork.


Daytona’s sliding attack is said to have a super fast approach, so it’ll be difficult to dodge it if you let your guard down. He’ll be throwing various explosives at you, so using the electric barrier will be crucial in this fight.


As if that weren’t enough, Daytona also has a horseback mode, which allows him to use more special skills. Similar to Gunvolt, he’ll also have a special attack that takes up the entire screen.


The Wormhole Maker: Melac

Melac uses tricky attacks with his wormhole abilities. This guy will have you thinking with portals once you go up against him.


Melac ride his hovering chair during the fight, and will place different “wormholes” with tricky attacks, as seen in the above images.


Once you damage him up a little, he’ll begin throwing giant punches through the wormholes. His special attack consists of blasting lasers all over the screen with multiple wormholes.


Azure Striker Gunvolt will be released this summer on the Nintendo eShop for 3DS in Japan.

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