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Azure Striker Gunvolt To Release On PC Next Week



Inti Creates announced that their 2D side-scroller for 3DS will release on PC through Steam next week on August 28th. The official website provides some more details.


Here’s a list of new features Azure Striker Gunvolt will get for its Steam version:


  • You can play the Steam version on two screens just like the original. Screen sizes and layout can be freely adjusted to your liking!


  • Russian language support has been added, making a total of 8 different language settings.


  • For all you speedrunners out there, a brand new Speedrun Mode has been added, with future updates coming soon.


  • Collectors will have a new set of Steam trading cards to add to their collections


  • Play the original Japanese version of the game complete with Japanese voiceovers and mid-stage dialogue with English subtitles!


  • New updates coming every month for the first 6 months!


Additionally, those who purchase the game from August 28 through September 28 will get a free download for Mighty Gunvolt on PC.

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