Azure-Winged Chevalier Shares A First Look At Revamped Character Designs And Game Details

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Experience is doing their first fantasy dungeon RPG in three years with Azure-Winged Chevalier, a remake of the 2010 dungeon RPG Students of the Round. The developers provided a first look at the remake title.



Azure-Winged Chevalier is a remake based on the Xbox 360 version of Students of the Round which released in Japan in 2011. It tells a story of the warriors of light who once lost against the demon lord and must bond to become stronger and free the world from the eternal clutches of darkness.



As for the game, it’s described as an orthodox fantasy dungeon RPG, with featrures such as character creation, dungeon crawling, and item gathering. The remake has revamped its graphics with a new look for its characters and brand-new CGI to go with it. The character creation function which wasn’t in the original game has also been implemented.



Other areas of improvement include U, combat balance, and event adjustments. “Trial Quests” have also been added to make for better gameplay. As an added bonus, Experience’s Stranger of Sword City Revisited, which is set several hundred years after the events of Azure-Winged Chevalier, will also be included for PS Vita.


Here’s a look at some of the key characters:


Xth Landlight (Protagonist)

Race: Human

Gender: Male/Female

Soul Archetype: Soul of the Mediator

Class: Valiantch-hero-l


Eltha Urlaindtir

Race: Elf

Gender: Female

Soul Archetype: Sage’s Soul

Class: Wizardch-eltha-l

Lumi Kreiz Gromburg

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Soul Archetype: Soul of the Mediator

Class: Paladinch-lumi-l

Saul Hifield

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Soul Archetype: Soul of the Mediator

Class: Fighterch-saul-l



Race: Migumyi

Gender: Female

Soul Archetype: Soul of a Child

Class: Healerch-roron-l


Burgo Fimbulturl

Race: Dwarf

Gender: Male

Soul Archtyepe: Soul of the Hero

Class: Fighterch-burgo-l



Race: ?

Gender: ?ch-merlin-l

The Soul Archetype and classes can be changed for each character.




The game allows you to create parties based on personal play style preference. The party members you befriend have main and subclass abilities, and various customization options. Each character also comes with a variety of visuals to choose.



When exploring dungeons you can set bait on “Trap Points” to lure monsters. You can get treasure by defeating the leader monster within a certain amount of time. They also say that you can get valuable items by controlling all Trap Points in a dungeon.




By participating in meet and talks, meals, and battles with your allies, you’ll deepen your bond known as “Soul Rank.” By increasing this rank you’ll acquire “Union Skills” which will be instrumental in defeating the demon lord.


Azure-Winged Chevalier releases for PlayStation Vita in Japan digitally on July 11, 2019 and physically on July 25, 2019.

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