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Babylon’s Fall Season 2 Will Add a New Weapon Type and Limited Event

Babylon's Fall Season 2

Babylon’s Fall Directors Kenji Saito and Takahisa Sugiyama revealed plans for future content, including updates that will appear in Season 2. Sugiyama announced Babylon’s Fall Season 2 will introduce a new weapon type, alongside a limited time event. More information about the event and the weapon will be shared in the future. However, both Saito and Sugiyama spoke briefly about the general reception to the game and how it has influenced the team and its decisionmaking.

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Both Saito and Sugiyama said player feedback and reception has played a huge part into how the game has changed. Sugiyama specifically stated that the team will continue to “push on” with more fixes and adjustments to Babylon’s Fall. Regarding these adjustments, there are plans to “move the setting away from the Tower of Babylon,” which will be part of the core story. Ultimately, the team will be striving to create a more “exciting” experience for players.

Previously, the development team released a survey asking players about their general experience with the game. This included on what platform they purchased Babylon’s Fall. It also asked about graphics, color palettes, and even armor designs. Consumers could give feedback on the user interface and camera movement, too.

Babylon’s Fall is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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