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Back In 1995 Developer In Talks With Sony To Bring It To PS4, PS Vita



Solo Japanese developer Throw the Warped Code Out showed off its 32-bit survival horror game Back In 1995 off for the first time in public at the Tokyo Indie Fest from May 9-10th, and with it came some news on the project.


Speaking on the Twitch stream of the event (starts at 1:09:00 at that link), Takaaki Ichijo of Throw the Warped Code Out said that he originally wanted to launch Back In 1995 on PlayStation Mobile, but as the service has since shut down that is obviously not possible.

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Since having announced the game proper, though, he says that he has been in talks to Sony to bring it to PlayStation Network for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. And, in fact, he was demonstrating it working on the PS Vita at Tokyo Indie Fest. However, he is also looking for a publisher to help make this port happen.


Back In 1995 will also be coming out for Windows and Mac. It’s currently on track to be finished for winter 2015. You can see the first gameplay footage of the game in that Twitch stream.



It shows the first few minutes of the game, revealing that the main character beats the monsters with a pipe wrench, but must avoid taking damage wherever possible, and using documents to find keys to open up locked doors. The main story is a mystery that starts off with you being told to find someone at a distant tower, it unfolding as you head towards it.

Chris Priestman