Bad Memories Take On A Deadly Existence In The Haunted Mansion Of Under That Rain

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Andre, a social worker, hears of a case of an allegedly abused boy, Adrien, and sets out for the mansion and family he was supposedly under the care of. However, he soon finds the inhabitants acting strangely, and even worse, that the house seems to have developed a cruel, dangerous life of its own in adventure game Under That Rain.


Players will explore the creaking, bleak old mansion, roaming its rooms searching for clues as to the boy’s fate, as well as items that will let him get past the place’s inhabitants. The people within the mansion are acting quite strangely, and as Andre will soon find, the mansion itself seems to be affecting reality with the memories of past horrors that have occurred within it, manifesting them as dangerous creatures that he’ll need to get around.

Players won’t just be able to safely avoid the dangerous beings in the house by collecting the right items, though, as Under That Rain also features quick time events to increase a sense of anxiety and tension.


Under That Rain utilizes a detailed pixel art style that gives the place a sense of eeriness and discomfort, offering dark, yet striking visions of a house that is falling to past tragedy.

The first episode of Under That Rain is available now on Steam, with a second episode to follow in the future.

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