Badblood Is A Stylish, Deadly Game Of Hide-And-Seek



NYU Game Center MFA student Winnie Song is currently developing a violent game of hide-and-seek called Badblood. You can get a look at it in the teaser above.


It’s played with two people who are pitted against each other in an outdoor environment covered in long grass. By crouching and moving slowly, players can hide in the grass, while moving fast will draw attention to their position with the shaking grass and the rustling sound it makes.



Making matters more tense is the way the game world rotates on the screen. North will start out as straight above but it may shift either to the left or right as you play. This means that you have to constantly orient yourself while trying to track down your opponent.


Once one player has found the other they can finish them off with a violent act with their character’s chosen weapon (either a katana or a hammer) with big red blood splatters. While it is gory, the game’s hand-drawn graphics make the game and its violence highly stylized instead of outright gruesome.


tumblr_nott6pWk2H1re2pd8o3_1280 tumblr_nott6pWk2H1re2pd8o7_500

You can look out for more information about Badblood on its website.

Chris Priestman