Everyone’s favorite Lord of Destruction is back with a new PlayStation Vita game from Sony’s Japan studio. Yu-Nama: The Puzzle is different from other Badman games since it’s a match three puzzle game. You’ll see familiar monsters like the slimes and lizardmen from the PSP games, but this time they’re on tiles.


yuna2 yuna7


Match three monsters in a horizontal line and they will attack the hero invading Badman’s home. Match three monsters in a vertical line and those monster tiles will evolve into a stronger monster on the food chain. Levels also have rocks you can break with a pickaxe.


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There are over 100 pixilated heroes from No Heroes Allowed and the other Badman games spread across 10 levels. Sony also added a boss rush mode and extra mode (a hard mode) which unlocks after you complete the game once. Yu-Nama: The Puzzle costs 600 yen ($6) on the PlayStation Store, but you can get it half off for 300 yen ($3) until May 28.


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