Baelz Hakos Birthday Merchandise and First Original Song Appear

Baelz Hakos Birthday Merchandise, First Original Song Appear

Though it technically isn’t Baelz Hakos’ birthday, there’s a celebration with merchandise for the Hololive Vtuber. The character’s birthday is actually February 29th, but it is being celebrated with a collection of themed items. This also comes one day after the debut of the Baelz Hakos original song “Play Dice.”

The Baelz Hakos Birthday Celebration 2022 items are available alone or as a set. The set includes both the digital and physical items. People get a rubber mat they could use as a mouse pad with “Boom Boom!!” art by Mika Pikazo. That same design is also featured on a bonus postcard. There’s a snapback baseball cap with “Bruh” on it. You also get a porcelain coffee mug with Baelz on it. There’s a keychain with a pair of dice and Mr. Squeaks on it too. The digital items include a Birthday Voice Pack with “A Walk Home” situational pack and a Japanese and English system voice pack. The exclusive bonus voiced line is of her saying, “Thank you, Brats!” (Brats are what her fans are called.)

Here’s a closer look at the items. The full set is $121. The Boom Boom mat, Bruh cap, and #Caffeinated mug can be purchased separately. The mat is $25, while the cap and cup are both $37 each. People could also buy the system voice pack for $5 and situational voice pack for $9.
Baelz Hakos Birthday Merchandise, First Original Song Appear pack

As for the Baelz Hakos song, “Play Dice” debuted on February 27, 2022. Camellia and Baelz wrote the lyrics, with Camellia also composing the music. The music video’s animation is by Onikari Warabe. However, please note that the video does feature flashing lights.

The Baelz Hakos birthday merchandise will ship sometime between the end of July 2022 and end of August 2022. Pre-orders are open until April 4, 2022. The voice packs can be purchased even orders close.

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