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Bakemonogatari Audiobook Trilogy Is Now Available

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Bakemonogatari was one of the anime series that put renowned studio Shaft on the map. But before it was a weird, low-budget show, it was a series of light novels written by NISIOISIN. Vertical, a subsidiary of Kodansha that publishes curated premium manga, books, and other Japanese works brought the Monogatari series to the US starting in 2015. But while the prequel Kizumonogatari saw an audiobook published soon after the novel, Bakemonogatari took much longer. It happened on March 25, 2020, actually. Vertical announced the release of the whole Bakemonogatari audiobook trilogy, which is available through multiple platforms.

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Each entry is its own audiobook with an individual list price of $24.99. The pricing on audiobooks varies greatly depending on the service you use though, so mileage may and will vary. The Bakemonogatari audiobooks are read by a cast of voice talent, including Christina Vee, Eric Kimerer, Erica Mendez, and Keith Silverstein.

You can check out the official details via Vertical’s social media, including access to a free preview. The Audible listings are also live on Amazon, which include previews as well. Other sources, like Chirp Books or Google Play, allow for individual purchasing in lieu of a service subscription. Regardless of your platform, if you’re an audiobook listener and anime fan, this could be a release you’ve been waiting for since 2016.

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