Baki Spin-off Manga to Star Chiharu Shiba

Baki Spin-off Hana no Chiharu Shiba

A new spin-off of the Baki manga series is in production and will debut in the middle of February 2023. The announcement appeared in the March 2023 issue of Champion Red, a regular manga anthology. The series is set to star Chiharu Shiba, a recurring character from Baki that’s popular among readers. [Thanks, Ryokutya2089!]

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The Baki spin-off series is titled Baki Gaiden: Hana no Chiharu, and stars Chiharu Shiba, who appeared in the manga and the second and third seasons of the anime. Chiharu Shiba is a tough-as-nails street fighter who has a pain tolerance so incredible that it’s rumored he doesn’t feel pain at all. He’s also leader of the Tokkoutai, a large and violent biker gang. He dresses in the classic outfit of a Japanese bosou-zoku biker: A long coat version with a high collar, baggy pants, and a thick pompadour hairstyle. He also has a back tattoo depicting a massive three-headed dragon resembling the famed kaiju King Ghidora.

In his fights, Chiharu Shiba takes the reckless attitude of a veteran biker to extremes, often harming himself to unnerve his opponent. In one fight, he breaks his left arm to intimidate his opponent, and then goes on to win one-handed.

The Baki spin-off manga Baki Gaiden: Hana no Chiharu is in development, but does not yet have a release window. The regular Baki manga runs in Shonen Champion in Japan. The anime adaptation of Baki Hanma airs on Netflix.

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