Players can change the seasons to cause drastic changes to levels, as well as fire magic arrows of various types, to help them complete Fox N Forests’s platforming stages, but both are tied to the same magic meter, meaning players will need to take care not to find themselves weakened when danger draws near.


Magic is an important part of combat and exploration in Fox N Forests. In battle, certain enemies and bosses may be weaker or fight differently during certain seasons, meaning a quick shift to another season can make life easier. No matter which season it is, players will be able to use flaming arrows, split shot ones, and other types of shot (when they unlock them), allowing them to hit enemies with different elemental properties or at varied ranges and heights. However, all of these draw from the magic meter, and once that empties, players will be stuck with a basic shot until it recharges, which thankfully happens quickly.

The season changes and shot types will also open up various paths throughout each level by freezing rivers and making them cross-able, having leaves fall to unveil paths in the trees, or by activating shot-powered platforms of various elemental types. Players will want to watch their magic meter here as well, lest they find the season shifting back while they’re just starting to walk through a path they’ve opened.


Fox N Forests draws from games like Super Ghouls ’n Ghosts, Wonder Boy in Monster World, and ActRaiser 2 in its attempt to create a sharp, 16-bit reminiscent sidescroller for players to explore, all filled with secrets players can find through clever magic use.

Fox N Forests is currently in development.

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