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Ball Guy Takes Over Pokemon Twitter To Hand Out Special Pokeballs For Hashtag Challenge


The Ball Guy from Pokemon Sword & Shield has appeared in the real world, and he’s handing out free special Poke Balls made by Kurt in the Johto region (and Dream Radar and Aether Foundation) via Mystery Gift.

The mysterious man took over both the Japanese and English official Twitters for Pokemon. While not much seems to be going on in the English side, the Japanese side got to partake in the #ボールガイチャレンジ hashtag challenge, which had Japanese players tweeting out and achieving milestones to earn the various Poke Balls.

Now that the challenge is over, three Mystery Gift codes have been revealed, each which gives away three special Pokeballs. Fortunately, they are usable in all regional versions of Pokemon Sword and Shield. Here they are below:

  • K0UN1NMASC0T (Level Ball, Moon Ball, Fast Ball; kounin mascot means ‘official mascot)
  • 1YAHAYA (Heavy Ball, Lure Ball, Beast Ball; iyahaya is something Ball Guy says in Japanese a lot)
  • 0KUGAFUKA1B0RU (Love Ball, Friend Ball, Dream Ball; oku ga fukai means ‘they’re full of surprises’)

Pokemon Sword & Shield are available on Nintendo Switch.

Alistair Wong
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