No, Bandai Namco isn’t bringing over any Gundam arcade games, but the unique pod shaped cabinet is coming over. Remember the P.O.D.s from Mobile Suit Gundam: Bonds of the Battlefield?



It looks like Star Wars Battle Pod, an arcade game set during the original trilogy, uses them.


starwars-01 starwars-02


Star Wars Battle Pod lets players pilot an X-Wing in the Battle of Yavin in one of its five stages. That’s the easiest level in Star Wars Battle Pod. Flying a Snowspeeder in Hoth is medium difficulty, weaving inside the Death Star II with the Millennium Falcon is also medium, and driving a Speederbike on Endor is hard. Players can also fly the Tie Advanced ship in Vader’s Revenge.


Star Wars Battle Pod will launch in the United States in January 2015. Plans for other regions, including Japan, were not announced.

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