Bandai Namco Reveals Code Vein, God Eater Team’s New Action RPG With A Touch Of Dark Souls



Bandai Namco recently teased a new game and those of you who got vibes of Dark Souls and God Eater from it weren’t too far off, as the game has been announced in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine as Code Vein, a dungeon-exploring action RPG. [Thanks, Hachima.]


Code Vein is a completely new title by Bandai Namco. It is described as a dungeon exploring-type hard action RPG. Players take on the role of “Revenants,” vampires with supernatural abilities, and team up with allies to seek out the truth of the world.


The Revenants are part of an isolated company called “Vein” that helps them survive. While the Revenants are beings that transcend human beings, they’ve lost most of their memories. When Revenants face blood deficiency, they transform into monsters called “Lost.”


The main characteristic of Code Vein is “Buddy.” This allows you to take one partner while exploring dungeons.


Revenants mostly use great swords, single-handed swords, and other close-ranged weapons as their go-to in battle. There are also other weapon types such as spears and hammers.


Here are some key words:

  • Blood Veil – The Blood Veil is an equipment unique tot he Revenant, used to suck up blood from the Lost. While in use, it appears in the form of clothing, and also functions as armor. While in use to suck up blood, it uses a mechanism for the purpose, and we see a change in the user’s mask as well.


  • Special Ability: Blood Smelting – This action becomes possible after acquiring blood from the Lost after successfully sucking up their blood using Blood Veil. This allows you to power yourself up, debuff enemies, do direct attacks, and other uses.


Staff includes Keita Iizuka as the producer, Hiroshi Yoshimura as the director, and Yusuke Tomizawa as the project leader.


Its development is currently 35% complete and we’ll see a new trailer for the game in the near future.


Code Vein releases in 2018. Read more comments from the key devs here.

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