Bandai Namco Teases A New Game Called City Shrouded In Shadow Granzella



We recently got a closer look at Bandai Namco’s lineup for Tokyo Game Show 2015, which included a title called Kyoei Toshi Granzella. The company teases a bit of the game with a new website that just opened for it.


The teaser site doesn’t share much other than its title of City Shrouded in Shadow Granzella; however, upon looking at the page source, there’s a message that reads “Take your sword and head to the castle. Together with a horse. Ride forward to the giant shadow city in a fiction.”


While “Granzella” is also the name of Disaster Report creator Kazuma Kujo’s new company, there’s a chance that this could be a completely unrelated title. We’ll learn more about it at Tokyo Game Show later this month.

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