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Bandai Previews HG Gundam Aerial Rebuild Model Kit

With the next season of Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury coming in April 2023, Bandai is getting ready to sell some model kits. A new trailer showed off a kit based on the Gundam Aerial Rebuild, the upgraded version of Witch from Mercury‘s main mobile suit. Aerial Rebuild was first seen in the 12th episode finale season 1. It spent some time in the shop to repair damage sustained in episode 10 [Thanks, Dengeki!].

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Check out the preview trailer for the HG Gundam Aerial Rebuild kit. “HG” stands for “High Grade,” the most common and popular grade of complexity used for Bandai’s model kit lineup.

The trailer recalls the closing battle of episode 12, where Suletta in Aerial fought against two other mobile suits: Lfrith Ur and Lfrith Thorn. Though the preview only shows CG, some of the highlights from the Gundam Aerial Rebuild design can already be seen. Compared to the basic design of Aerial from the show, the upgraded model mounts a pair of powerful wing-like boosters on the shoulders, which also feature more prominent pauldrons colored in blue. The yellow parts from the original design are gone, and overall the suit has a bulkier, more armored look. Additional V-fins on the head also give Aerial’s “face” a more aggressive appearance.

Gundam Aerial Rebuild also retains the same abilities the original designs had. Its Bit Staves can operate independently, firing beams or coming together to form the Escutcheon shield. Its improved Beam Rifle can also be combined with the Bit Staves into a GUND-Bit Cannon, allowing Aerial to discharge massive firepower. These abilities are used in conjunction with Suletta herself, who has a unique relationship with Aerial and its systems. In the prologue short story, it is revealed that Aerial is intelligent, and that it and Suletta can communicate somehow. They consider each other family, and both call Suletta’s mother (and Aerial’s creator) Prospera Mercury “Mom”.

The Gundam Aerial Rebuild model kit goes on sale in March 2023. Other kits based on mobile suits from Season 1 are available at various retailers.

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