Bandai S.H.MonsterArts Monster Hunter Will Swoop Onto the Scene


Bandai will be partnering with Capcom’s for a special S.H.MonsterArts line of figures. It will team up with the hunting action franchise Monster Hunter to create some new, monstrous creatures people can take home. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

This collaboration will be a project to create poseable monster figures. Currently, there’s no information regarding which monsters will be featured in the upcoming project, as the full reveal will occur on March 19, 2020. This also means there’s also no information on which games will be focused on the most.

However, this is not the first time the Monster Hunter franchise has received figures. They just tend to involve hunters too. In 2013, Monster Hunter 4 received two figures: a male Gore Series figure and a female Kirin figure. Additionally, Monster Hunter Stories, a spin-off title, received amiibo figures of One-Eyed Rathalos & Rider Boy, Barioth & Ayuria, and cute Felyne Navirou. There are also Monster Hunter Nendoroids.

While details on these upcoming figures are still sparse, the teaser site will continue to update with new information regularly. Additionally, there’s countdown clock steadily ticking down to the next release. Here’s a look at the landing page:

The next Bandai S.H.MonsterArts Monster Hunter figure update will arrive on March 19, 2020 sometime after 12am JST.

Mercedez Clewis
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