Banner Of The Maid Trailer Talks About Its Commanders, Units, And Features

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The latest Banner of the Maid trailer has arrived, showing off what Pauline Bonaparte’s campaign during the French Revolution looks like! This video is dedicated to various features people will see when playing through this strategic-RPG, while also trying to give people an idea of the personalities of some major characters with quotes.


First, the trailer begans by naming some of Banner of the Maid‘s most important characters and offering up a quote from each one to help you get a feel for their personalities. Below is a list of the people shown and things said, going in the order in which they appeared in the video. Both characters based on real people, like Louis Desaix, and ones based on fictional characters, like Cosette Valjean from Les Misérables, appear.


  • Pauline Bonaparte: – "Gather around my banner fight for the honor you seek!"
  • Louis Charles Antoine Desaix: – "There’s still plenty of time for turning the tide!"
  • Cosette Valjean: – "The battlefield is scary but I’ll stay here with my friends!"
  • Joachim Murat: – "Follow me! Charge!"
  • Rose de Beaumont: – "Kneel before the statue of the king. It’s time for your atonement."
  • Josephine de Beauharnais: “It’s not easy to win gracefully in Paris. Are you ready to make a bet?”


The trailer then looked at some of the sorts of units and weapons that will appear. We see line infantry, which is armed with muskets and rifles, being led by Pauline. After that, Joachim shows up with his cavalry units. This is followed by Rose, who comes in with cannons.


Character growth and development was also hinted at in the Banner of the Maid video. The commander characters people use will develop Commander Skills as you play. When equipped, these will give the generals new abilities. In addition to commanders growing, the units will promote. In the video, we saw a Fusilier become a Chasseur and a Grenadier become a Carabinier. Such improvements means new abilities for the units.


Here is the new Banner of the Maid trailer.



Banner of the Maid is expected to appear on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC in 2018.

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