Bannerman Is A Sidescroller Of Complex, Smooth Swordplay And Dirty Moves


A skilled man-at-arms is left for dead, awakening on a bloody battlefield to find your lord’s banner has been lost. Taking up your sword, you’ll head out across a war-torn medieval world, using your complicated fighting techniques to return the precious banner in Bannerman.


Bannerman focuses on complicated swordplay to give players a rich, deep combat system to battle opponents with. Players are able to attack high with a cleaving slash, or send out a quick jabbing thrust to their opponent’s belly should it be unprotected. If their opponent is coming at them, players can block with their shield or parry the attack with their own blade. Should foes be protecting themselves, a shield bash may knock them off balance, or a quick punch or low kick might break their guard. Players can also launch arrows at opponents from afar should they notice them early.

Players will fight spearmen, colossal swordsmen, archers, magic users, and many other manner of attacks, having to decide which moves will best unbalance their foes so that they can end their lives. Each fight is looking to be a complex back-and-forth, with foes using similar powers to the player, so players will need to be very careful if they wish to see their enemies fall before them.


Battles will be impressive to look at, though, as the animation has been rotoscoped from real subjects to make it look smooth in motion. It will also be accompanied by an acoustic soundtrack that will hopefully soothe players as they are cut down.

Bannerman will be available on August 31 from Steam.

Alistair Wong
Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!