Baobab’s Mausoleum runs a gamut of different play styles as you guide its protagonist, a vampire eggplant, through a town of monsters that appears only once every twenty-five years.


While learning about the inhabitants and their woes, players may find themselves lighting torches to unlock doors in underground dungeons, exploring them in a top-down style. They may also end up looking around the city in an FPS style as they search for clues, or battling unruly chefs using a turn-based battle system. Beyond that, they’ll often be wandering through town, solving adventure game like puzzles by talking to inhabitants and finding the items they need to fix their problems. Baobab’s Mausoleum shifts play styles frequently, giving players many different experiences throughout.

While doing so, the developer promises the player will be having a strange time. Offering an experience where players will “Meet stranges and paranoids inhabitants, brake up your brain to solve puzzles in the most hilarious and surreal situations, defeat the Wendigo, get mad with cosmic laser chickens…”, the game is set to take players through a humorous, odd storyline.


Players can start getting to know life as vampiric produce and get familiar with the monstrous locals with the first episode of Baobab’s Mausoleum, Ovnifagos Don’t Eat Flamingos, which is available now on Steam.

Alistair Wong
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