Bask In Love Heaven Ladies, Your Pretty Boys Be Here

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Considering the bevy of puzzle RPG smartphone games that pander to the male interest with scantily-clad woman beating up monsters, it’s a surprise that it took us this long to find a title that caters to the female audience looking for their bishounen pretty boys.


Love Heaven is a smartphone puzzle game, but instead of capturing pretty ladies to fight for you, you have famous handsome men from around the world instead. Some of them include bare-chested Oda Nobunaga, Vincent Van Gogh with untidy hair, Shinsengumi captain Okita Soji and Napoleon Bonaparte.


The storyline sets you as a lady who’s transported to another world after touching a talking cat. Because why not have the cat be the catalyst in the entrance to love? You’re now tasked with saving this new world in order to return to Earth—although one wonders if any lady would wish to return if they’re stuck in such a land.


We’re not sure exactly how the puzzle mechanics work out, though from the looks of it, there’s a passing similarity to Puzzle & Dragons and Divine Gate


Love Heaven is currently slated to be released for both iOS and Android.








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