Battle A Shark In A Suit In The Demo For 2D Fighter Beast’s Fury


Beast’s Fury is a 2D fighting game featuring anthropomorphic characters that’s currently in the very early stages of development. Despite that, the team building it have released a pre-alpha demo.


It contains only two fighters at the point in time. They are Vincent, who is a cat-like fighter, and Don, who is a shark in a shirt and tie smoking a cigar.


You can download the demo directly from this link. But keep an eye out on the game’s Facebook page and / or Kickstarter updates as it seems new demos will be released on a regular basis.


Beast’s Fury had two crowdfunding efforts last year, on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, to successfully raise money for the game to be completed. However, the team is still taking donations via PayPal as it will take more money than was gained through those crowdfunding efforts to add more characters to the game’s roster.


You can see some of the other characters in the image above. From left-to-right we have Vincent, Don, and then William the street dog, Matilda the fox, there’s no information on the next one, and the last one is Rita the parrot who specializes in drunken kung fu. There are plenty of other characters including cop alligators, boxing horses, and cyber-raptors.


If completed, all characters will have their own unique combo sets and attack strings, finishers, and Fury modes that are fuelled by filled their Adrenaline meters. There’s more in-depth detail about the ins-and-outs of the game’s systems on the Kickstarter page.

Chris Priestman